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Friday, January 8, 2016

My 23rd Birthday Cake

The finished product! The first layer cake is a 6 by 3 inch gluten free butter cake. There is no filling and the frosting is a buttercream frosting. I added 3 white roses on top with edible powdered gold leaves and edible pearls. To get the black frills I used a tip 104 and I got the bright burgundy color with a mixture of burgundy and red. I added a vine with the edible gold powder with a touch of pearls again. The only thing that wasn't edible were the pendants. I bought those at Jo-ans. I used Grecian columns, and used small letter cut outs for "Happy Birthday" and the number "23" in roman numerals from fondant. The second layer cake is a 8 by 3 inch gluten free pumpkin layer cake with cream cheese filling and cream cheese frosting on top. I used buttercream frosting for the frills and roses and vines. There were 8 roses on the sides. I had to refrigerate this whole thing to set, especially the second layer. Same design topped with another store brought pendant from Jo-ans. 

About 3 weeks ago, I was trying to figure out what kind of birthday cake design I wanted for my 23rd birthday. I thought I wasn't going to design one this year because I couldn't figure any design that stood out. Then my mind was thinking  of "medieval Gothic". Already, I wanted the color of the cake to be burgundy. But I still thought it was impossible to do, but it kept bugging me, so I decided to check out Pinterest. I typed in two different designs. --Roman medieval style cakes and Gothic style cakes. I found a "roman princess 5 layered cake that had white roses on the sides with elaborate gold leaves and vines and I saw so many frills on the Gothic cake designs, so I thought the frills will be black on my cake. I thought to buy black and white pendants that would make it look even better. As so you can see, the design came out to be an unexpected classy Victorian theme. I got very excited about this one, because I didn't even plan it. 

Everybody enjoyed the cake and the design!