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Thursday, April 14, 2016

A couple's 18th Wedding Anniversary

One customer called me up and asked me to make cookies for her and her husband for there wedding anniversary a month ago. I wanted to make the cookies as sentimental as possible. So I asked what was her and her husbands favorite color and she said it was blue. So I thought I'll just make different shades of blues. She wanted hearts and pearls so I said I can do 2 large(5 inch cookie cutter) heart cookies and the rest would be regular (3 inch cookie cutter) heart shaped cookies. I thought to give the cookies a vintage theme, so I decided to add in different shades of pink heart shapes in the middle and then add the pearls around. A long side two name cookies. I didn't charge her for this because she won a certificate from me (1 dozen butter cookies), which can only be used once.  If I did charge her for this it would of came out $36 for 1 dozen cookies. 1 cookie would be $3 and up,depending on size.