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Monday, October 8, 2012


The picture was the first official cake I made by myself. Cake: Butter cake Filling: Strawberry Jam Frosting: Crisco Buttercream Size: 8 by 2inch, Price: $25                                                                                                                    
This light pink rosie cake was made for my sister's birthday. The Roses are called "Ribbon Roses."  Cake: Butter, Filling: Butter, Frosting: Crisco Buttercream Size: 8 by 2 inch, Price: $30
This cupcake design is called - "Mumsie Flower". Cake: Butter, Filling: Butter, Frosting: Crisco ButterCream. Price: $5 each
 This was my first Basket-weave cake I made in the cake decorating class. This is from Course 2 and we made tons of flowers such as: Lilies, Button flowers, Pansies, Apple Blosson, Violets, Primrose, Daffodils, and Roses. Cake: Butter, Filling: Butter, Frosting: Crisco Butter. Size: 8 by 2 inch, Price: $30
I made this cake for a bake-sale at Church. Cake: Chocolate Brownie, Filling: Custard (Store Brought), Frosting: Butterscotch, Toppings: Chopped Peanuts and Toffees, Decorations: Buttercream ribbon roses. Size: 9 by 2 inch, Price: $30
 I made this for a friend/teacher. Cake: Chocolate, Filling Strawberry Creme, Frosting: Chocolate Ganache Toppings: Strawberry Creme and Strawberries. Size: 8 by 2inch, Price: $25
 I made this for my best friend ever! Cake: Butter, Filling: Whip-creme, Frosting: Vanilla Butter-creme, Decorations: Basket-weave and Button Flowers. Size: 8 by 2 inch, Price $25
I made this cake in Course 3. Cake: Butter, Icing: Buttercreme, piping gel, then  Fondant. Decorations: Dandelions. No Filling. Size: 8 By 3inch, Price: $25
Cake: Butter Filling: Butter: Frosting: Butter, Price: $15
 I made this Hawaiian Cake a my friend's mom's birthday. Cake: Chocolate, Filling: Raspberry Bavarian Creme, Frosting: Vanilla, Decorations: Hawaiian style, Size 8 by 3 inch Price: $30
 I made this cake for my cousin's 2nd birthday party. This was my ultimate project! All my hard work paid off though because I got a lot of compliments on it! Cake: Butter, Filling: Butter, Frosting: Crisco/butter-creme, piping gel, and then fondant. Decorations: ABC's & 123's, Colorful ribbons, Stars are made from Fondant. Elmo was also homemade. Second layer Size: 10 inch, First Layer Size: 8 by 2 inch. Price: $82
I made another cake for my little cousin. Cake: Butter, Filling: Butter, Frosting: Butter, Decorations: Pink Ribbon Roses, Purple Basket-weave, Size 6 inch Price: $25
Hello everyone! Here are some of the pictures of the cakes I already made. Enjoy!