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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Christmas Cut Out Cookies Gluten Free Recipes and Gluten Recipes

Good day to you all! My favorite time of the year is Christmas! I know quite a few people that love cookies especially. To get ready for the Christmas holiday baking, I found these awesome cookie cut recipes that are going to leave your mouth watering. 

Gluten Cut Out Recipes:
Chocolate Flavor:                      
Peanutbutter Flavor:
Vanilla Almond Flavor:
Sugar Flavor:

Gluten Free Cut Out Recipes:

Last but not least. I have been baking these Vanilla butter almond cookies every Christmas for 3 years now, and the were always a hit! So I wanted to share this recipe with you. It's super easy to make:

My holiday baking will be simple this year. I will be using these recipes I just posted. Enjoy!