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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Another Amazing Design!

I was so excited to make this design because one of my best friends, Sister Mary Marcelina, who is a teaching nun in Browerville Minnesota, flew to California! She is staying for 2 weeks and I wanted to make her a cake for her first visit back. This design just came to my mind last minute. I wanted the design to be colorful symbolizing that when God calls a young lady to become a nun, its one of the most beautiful things that could happen to her and the family, relatives and friends. It's a huge blessing and should not be silenced. This is an 8 inch cake. Cake: Gluten Free Bob's Red Mill Vanilla Cake, Filling: Vanilla Buttercream mixed with fresh strawberries, Frosting and Decorations: Vanilla Buttercream. Topped with the Name: Sr. Mary Marcelina, edible flowers/leaves, and edible pearls. This cake took me 9 hours to do.  The cake, strawberries, butter, eggs and shortening, are organic, so If someone were to buy something similar to this, it would cost: $45.00. If everything was non organic, it would be $40.